What you've found:

What you have found is a collection of information, tips, & tricks to help you control and get rid of roaches without the need to hire an exterminator.


I myself have gone through the same situation of suddenly being surprised by a bunch of roaches and not knowing what to do. My initial thought was to call an exterminator. However, upon calling one, I quickly found out that the costs to remove these pests from my home was a lot more than I thought. I thought it was going to be one visit that would take them out once and for all. I was wrong. I takes more than one visit. In fact, hiring a professional becomes a montlhly bill for who knows how long. In some cases it takes years. Upon doing the math, it was equivalent to a montly cell phone bill or even a car lease.

I took the step to find out how to do it myself and avoid adding on another monlty bill that I couldn't afford. This site is a collection of what I have found and what I have learned and experienced.